Inside every person is a unique brilliance.
Unlocking this brilliance opens a world of possibility.
SmartWired is an organization dedicated to helping kids and young adults maximize their capabilities and bring out their best in all areas of life. Using a revolutionary asset-focused approach, and leveraging proprietary online tools and web technology, SmartWired helps youth identify their innate gifts and strengthen their natural patterns of intelligence to reach their potential.
Our current Projects:
SEED - Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development:
SmartWired is currently partnering with SEED (Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development) to create programs for SEED volunteers around the world to support their work with children in various SEED projects and schools. Since SEED operates in 7 languages in over 36 countries, this initiative will bring SmartWired to a truly global audience.

DWEEBER - Study Together with Friends:
SmartWired has recently created a beta version of their new public site for teens to study and do homework together online, incorporating the SmartWired methodology into a unique social network for youth.

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